A Breakthrough Story of An Orphan Who Became A SPED Teacher then Orgaanics’ February 2021 Top Reseller

One of life’s greatest impossibilities is putting into words the pain of losing one’s parents to death and treading life in solitary as an orphan.

But being abandoned as an infant in front of a stranger’s doorsteps inflicts a kind of pain and confusion upon an orphaned child that many of us are lucky to never understand. Unfortunately for Max Doquesa, this movie-like experience was his reality. Opening their door to a hopeless infant, Max’s foster parents were blessed with kind hearts to take him in and raise him as part of their family. Still, like most of us, Max’s life story told a handful of other struggles that needed conquering. From working different jobs to pay for college to unshackling himself from the repercussions of years of practicing an unhealthy lifestyle, Max made it his mission to go over every mountain that deterred his success. 

Originally from Bacolod City, Max hustled towards both his college diploma and his next paycheck to sustain his needs. Now, he teaches students with special needs as a special needs (SPED) teacher in Isabela City. He has contributed to the noble profession of teaching as a government employee for eight years now. While this could have been enough back when he was living for himself, it’s not enough to sustain the needs of his wife and his five-year-old daughter. This sowed a dream in Max’s mind to have his own business. With the advent of computer-mediated-communication (CMC) tools and the sudden strike of the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of doing online business captured his interest.

One fine day while Max was scrolling through Facebook, he saw a Facebook video that he did not know then would bridge the gap between him and his dreams. It was a video that discussed how to be an Authorized Orgaanics Reseller. With his interest at its peak, he watched the video intently until the end. Like many people who want to have a financial future most conveniently, Max wanted in. The problem was he did not have any experience at all. He started with nothing in his hands. Still, like all the battles he has fought up to this point, he triumphed once more. Less than a year of being an Authorized Reseller for Orgaanics, he was gaining the trust of many customers. He was building his knowledge and skills with the help of Orgaanics CEO, Ian del Carmen, and the free training and seminars that come with being part of the team. With Max’s hard work, the stream of customers and the reliable cash flow started coming in. He was finally reaping what he sowed. 

But his hard work goes beyond gaining profit. He shares, “It’s not for money’s sake alone. I want to participate in something that involves health and wellness, for myself, my family, and my customers as well. I want to be able to help others in the process.” Perhaps this draws the line between a good reseller and one that gets recognized as a top reseller: having something bigger than one’s self as inspiration. As mentioned before, Max struggled with the repercussions of living an unhealthy lifestyle. He developed asthma, liver problems, high blood sugar, high cholesterol—you name it. With his suffering was the suffering of his family. Needless to say, Max wanted and needed to get better for them, especially for his young daughter. Like any father, he wanted to see his child grow up, graduate college, become successful, and build a family of her own. Plus, there were so many dreams, goals, and wishes that Max was yet to accomplish for himself and his family. These fueled his desire to quit the bad habits and redeem his health. And as he knew well the suffering of ill health, he made it his mission to help others find healing as well. This is why Orgaanics became the perfect business for Max—he’s able to gain financial sustainability, as well as access to high-quality health products, and introduce them to the people in his community in Isabela as well. 

However, like any hero’s journey, there were several roadblocks along the way. As a newbie in online selling, Max needed to put in the time, effort, and dedication to learn the nooks and crannies of the industry. But the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in his community, topped with the limited number of houses with Internet access, made online reselling even more challenging. Yet, the ability to rise from these challenges is another thing that separates a good and a great reseller. It’s Max’s resilience and positive outlook in life that enabled him to conquer these difficulties. He says, “I take it one step at a time, one person at a time, and one family at a time.” After all, baby steps are better than not taking a step at all. Soon enough, Max’s baby steps brought him to the peak of success when he became Orgaanics’ Top Reseller for February. 

When asked about his secrets to success, he said, “I don’t have secrets, actually. I simply love what I do so I give it all I’ve got. My family and the people I want to help serve as my inspiration to push through. Of course, I have a winning habit of praying, meditating, and staying focused on my goals. Even if I get rejected at times, I stay optimistic. I never give up.” In five years, it is Max’s goal to become a professional in doing business online. Seeing what he has done in less than a year, it is exciting to see where he will be in five. Since it is his nature to want to help others, Max offers some advice for those who want to be an Authorized Orgaanics Reseller like him: “Put God first. Rejections will come but carry on. Don’t make money the center of what you do. Know your customers and show genuine care for them even after transactions. Like what Theodore Roosevelt said, ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’ Lastly, stick the law of attraction, law of averages, and law of leverage, as Sir Ian taught us.” 

We all have a handful of struggles in life. Some even have more. Max has dealt with a handful himself. But he chose to rise nonetheless, proving to all that being an orphan, sickly, and a newbie, do not cross one out from being successful. We all have mountains to climb, and they can be steep and rocky. Still, like Max, with enough hard work, resilience, and courage, even the tiniest consistent steps will always bring one to the top.

Check out Max’s Orgaanics shop here: https://Orgaanics.com/ph/?go=max.doquesa

by Bea Francisco