How to Boost Your Energy With Food

Getting enough vitamins and nutrients in our diet is one of the best ways to prevent the harmful effects of aging. Another problem of the aging process is the lack of energy to do and complete what makes us happy.

Food products such as the Vitamin D fortified milk is one early example of how a food, which is highly consumed, can provide us with countless benefits.

While milk was fortified back in the ‘30s to alleviate devastating diseases such as rickets, today, foods can be fortified with elements to meet more modern day challenges such as aging and relaxation.

For example, consuming a cup of brewed, green tea can provide much needed antioxidants to our bodies and promote the healthy functioning of our immune systems. Dairy seems to be the preferred method of adding functional food ingredients to our present diets.

One company, 3D Dairy Foods (3D stand for ‘Dairy Done Different’) is attempting to increase the already-healthy options contained in dairy products with even more options to address the problems of diabetes, cardiovascular, bone and joint, brain, digestive, obesity and the aging process.

Steve King, founder of 3D Dairy Foods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is targeting his vision to create more healthy versions of foods we likely eat on a daily basis such as cottage cheese and yogurt.

Cheeserts (nutritious dessert) and Cheenaks (nutritious snack), King didn’t want to identify his products with the off-turning name of “cottage cheese,” so he invented another, more appealing name for the products.

Some of these energy-building functional food products are enhanced with a myriad of vitamins, including A, B, C, D and E, derived from concentrates of such nutritious foods as apples, cranberries, oranges, blueberries, and shitake mushrooms.

Enhanced health and decreased calories tend to be the most desired object of creating functional food products and a recent study indicated North America to be the largest market for these future power-foods.

Taste and healthy benefits are the main reason people purchase foods. Studies by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) indicates that consumers are looking for foods containing fiber, calcium, and protein – but taste still leads as the number one reason consumers purchase a certain brand or type of food.

These functional food products appeal to the aging population because of the concern of not getting enough protein and other vitamins that can slow down the aging process and help restore energy for quality of life.To help boost your energy levels as well as your immune system, take Havitol for Men. It’s the multivitamin supplement that you can count on to provide you with the proper amount of vitamins and other nutrients that you need to perform at your best every single day. Order Havitol for Men now.