Deodorant Stick 34g


Why risk it?
Daily antiperspirant use contributes to your body’s aluminum burden, which can tax your kidneys in the long term. Skip it and sweat it out with an aluminum-free deo!

Go fearlessly sleeveless
This all-good, all-natural deo contains our #1 beauty bestseller, skin-smoothing and brightening Sunflower Beauty Oil.

12 Deo Benefits
✓ All-natural actives fight odor-causing bacteria
✓ Instant-dry, non-sticky after-feel
✓ Helps lighten underarms
✓ Smoothens underarms
✓ Easy to rinse
✓ No flake buildup
✓ No stains or streaks on clothes
✓ No harsh alcohol that can darken underarms
✓ No aluminum salts
✓ No phthalates/synthetic fragrances
✓ No triclosan
✓ No parabens

Available in a Powder Fresh scent

Did You Know? Not all sweat stinks! It’s not our sweat itself that causes odor but the bacteria metabolizing our sweat. When we’re stressed, the sweat we produce contains sialomucin, a sugar coated-protein which bacteria love. Our deo has natural actives that help keep these bacteria at bay. High five!

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