Miracle White Glow Milk Luxe Body Lotion


“Every Girl wants to GLOW, and that’s a fact. And nothing makes me happier than an amazing brand new lotion this Holiday! I love lathering it on, because it feels sooo milky on my skin and it smells super amazing! This lotion is so life-changing. So many people keep complimenting me about how soft my skin is and my beauty routine is really simple: Miracle White Glow Vitamins® & the new Miracle White Glow Milk™Body Lotion.” – Alex

Our Amazing Glow Milk™ body lotion feels like a Holiday Vacation. It’s packed with Japanese Sakura Flower and a nourishing cocktail of skin-loving vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants that soothes and moisturizes your skin — leaving it milky soft, GLOWING and with a super healthy bounce.

Size 9.5 fl oz / 280 ml

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