Superfoods That Help Boost Your Fertility

Fertility is a major issue for many men and couples. The problem is that fertility treatments can cost thousands of dollars and may or may not work. You also are limited to a certain number of attempts with certain treatments. If you are trying to avoid the high costs as a last-ditch effort, or if you want to avoid the chemicals infertility drugs, you may want to consider superfoods. Superfoods can boost your fertility when you stick to certain ones and have them at least once to three times a day. Here are a few of those superfoods and the easiest ways to incorporate them into your diet.


Bananas are a key fruit you should be having in your fertility superfood list. Not only does this fruit pack a punch with potassium, it also has B6. You may be wondering how bananas actually help your fertility chances. The bananas actually help to regulate your hormone levels. This is vital to ensure proper sperm production. If you and your partner are both doing fertility diets and superfoods, then know that bananas will also help females gain stronger fertility.


Almonds are full of folic acid, protein, and vitamins that can help boost your fertility. You can eat them raw, but a favored way of eating them is as an almond butter. You can make your own by soaking almonds overnight to soften them and putting them in the blender. If it seems dry, add some olive oil a drizzle at a time. You can combine the almond nut butter with bananas on some toast or an english muffin for a power packed option for breakfast or a snack. 

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are an ideal way to pack a punch for your fertility diet. Ideally this is good for both partners, but it is a great food for males. The reason is related to what the Vitamin C in the citrus fruits can do for the sperm. It makes the sperm quality stronger, improves the quality, and helps keep the sperms from clumping on their way to the egg. Vitamin C is also ideal for females to help with overall health and immune system. 


When you are looking at superfoods to help boost your fertility, you may think of salmon first. Though it is good, there is another fish that is more powerful. Mackerel can help your sperms mature fully. This means it can help with fertilization of the egg and help the sperm reach the egg easily. It can help with female health by giving you the omega oils that you need to function and keep your reproductive system running strong.

There are many other superfoods, and you can always add them to your recipes. These superfoods are the ones that are easy to find, easy to make, and easy to ingest specifically for your fertility needs. 

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