The Key to Getting Better Sleep With Menopause

If you struggle with insomnia with menopause, you are not alone. Insomnia can come from the emotional and physical side effects of menopause, from stress and anxiety to getting hot flashes at night. The following natural remedies are available for you to get a better sleep when you have menopause.

Try to Cool Off Your Body

The first thing you need to do is work on cooling your body at night. Your insomnia is probably at least partly due to the night sweats and hot flashes you experience. You need to find easy ways to cool off your body without having to use your air conditioner all night long. This might be wearing lighter fabrics, using a cooling pillow, or switching the type of sheets and blankets you are using. For some women, having a fan is essential, while others find that the cooling mattress pads with cotton sheets work wonders. Try different things until you figure out how to cool your body.

Take a Hot Bath Before Bed

This might seem like it would make the hot flashes worse, but it helps. It is a trick people use when they live in a hot climate, but don’t have air conditioning. When you take a hot bath, you are increasing the temperature of your body. This makes it to where you can withstand the warmer temperatures, so when you get a hot flash, you don’t feel quite as warm as you would have otherwise. Drinking a hot cup of tea before bed can also work in the same way.

Make Sure You Get Enough Exercise

Exercise provides excellent benefits for you during menopause, from helping to relieve your stress, to giving you more energy. However, when it comes time to go to sleep, the exercise you did during the day just might be the trick to sleeping better. Your body will be tired by bedtime from the workout, so you can sleep much more soundly.

Go For Natural Sleep Aids

Instead of constantly taking Benadryl or oversleeping aids, try instead to look for natural remedies. This might include a cup of chamomile tea or using an essential oils diffuser with lavender essential oil to relax you. These are popular methods that are completely natural and also provide some other menopausal remedies at the same time. Similar to other recommendations, you just need to figure out what works best for you.

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