Thriving After Illness: The Inspirational Story of A Decade-Long Sickly Woman Who Rose Up and Became A Sharer of Healing

For years and years, poor health was a visitor that refused to leave Alvi Dagondon’s life. When healing finally kicked sickness out the door, Alvi knew she needed to help others find healing, too.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.” These wise words resonate with Alvi Dagondon, a woman from the City of Cagayan de Oro who’s a victim of sickliness that tormented her for more than an entire decade. For a big chunk of her life, she was part of the 95% of people in the world who suffer from health problems. But through endless prayers and relentless hoping, healing finally happened to her. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she decided to make helping others find healing one of her greatest life’s missions. Last January, her hard work and compassion for others came into fruition when she was awarded as the Top 1 Orgaanics Authorized Reseller of the month. 

Needless to say, Alvi has a close and personal relationship with both sickness and healing. And as if life was preparing her for something bigger than herself, she worked as a supervisor in a wellness center where she was able to garner knowledge about and develop even greater appreciation for healthy living. At the same time, her experience taught her how to handle customers and build positive relationships with them. 

Now 37-years-old, Alvi spends her days at home as a full-time project consultant and as a part-time Orgaanics Reseller, an interest that she decided to pursue last May. Perhaps it was fate, or maybe it was pure coincidence that an Orgaanics Authorized Reseller ad appeared on her Facebook Newsfeed one unexpected day. Whatever it was, it became the medium that enabled her to carry out her mission of helping others find healing.

Alvi shares, “When I saw Orgaanics’ ‘Online Botika’ on a Facebook Ad, I watched the entire video and was hooked immediately. I am a supporter of organic health products, and I want more people to benefit from them. Reselling Orgaanics products caught my attention because everything is high-quality, authentic, and beneficial for health, so I’m able to sell them confidently to customers.”

Alvi also boasts that not only does Orgaanics let her make extra income for herself and her family, but it also expands her knowledge about health and skills in digital marketing through various seminars and training. Previous reselling businesses may have failed her, but she’s now grateful to have joined a company like Orgaanics that guides her and molds her towards becoming the best online marketer she could ever be. In fact, from a regular reseller, she prospered and became a Mobile Stockist in Cagayan de Oro, selling large numbers of Theobroma Superfood like a pro.

Amidst the pandemic, hundreds of businesses went bankrupt and were forced to shut down. Many people lost their jobs and suffered from loss of income as a result. Because of this, Alvi knew she needed to find a source of profit that is recession-proof and one she can do in the comfort of her home. She found exactly what she’s looking for in being an Orgaanics Reseller. 

But then again, it’s not the money that satisfies her most from the whole experience. “It fills my heart to hear my customers’ feedback—they would thank me because I was able to bring healing to their lives when they stopped believing it could happen to them,” she says. Finally, Alvi is able to share health products that help people like herself many years ago achieve good health and positive life changes. 

However, like anyone who strives to do something good for the world, Alvi faced various roadblocks along the way—challenges that many of us can identify with: lack of time and lack of skills. Her full-time job leaves her with only so much time to take another job. But in the name of will and determination, she’s still able to put in the time and effort needed to thrive as an Orgaanics Reseller. Knowing that these two are not enough to help her get to the mountaintops of success, Alvi swears by continuous learning and honing of both her knowledge and skills, not only in online marketing but also in health.  She says, “I know there are still so many things that I need to know and learn, so I need to keep on learning,” she says. 

With bringing healing to others in the back of her mind, she is determined to reach people in need inside and outside her locality. With Orgaanics’ smooth and simple system, from order processing to drop-shipping, Alvi’s visions came to life effortlessly.

It might be hard to believe, but Alvi, the incredible hero of this story, was a newbie in online marketing not so long ago. She had not had any clue about the complex road she was going to take, and she did experience failure somewhere down the line. But Alvi is a woman of faith and determination. She uses prayer to wield her into a better, stronger, and laser-focused person. 

When asked about her secrets to success, she shares profoundly inspirational pieces of advice: “My number one advice is to pray to God about everything so you will be blessed and guided. Then, do your part and work hard, too. Have clear visions and goals, but don’t be too ahead of yourself when you achieve them. Even if you’re already an outstanding reseller, there’s still room for improvement. You should continue learning and develop yourself. Be persistent and diligent and stop making excuses. Remember that more excuses mean less chances of success.” 

If you want to be like Alvi and succeed as an Orgaanics Reseller [click here for info] or achieve whatever goal you have in mind, do like she does. Soon enough, you’re going to reap what you sow and share your blessings to others. In fact, Alvi is able to tread the world of online selling with her family as well—her biggest source of motivation in life. She and her siblings turned online selling beyond a source of income but also as a way to get closer together as a family. Because of it, they’re now all aware, conscious, and inclined to maintain a healthy lifestyle, too! It’s the best of both worlds, isn’t it? 

Alvi’s struggles, challenges, and her grit to overcome them prove to us that success is not something that happens to you, but something that you make happen for yourself. There is no such thing as a mountaintop that you cannot reach as long as you put your heart, mind, and soul into it. You can choose to be someone who surrenders when a sickness agonizes you for more than a decade. Or, you can choose to be someone who gets up, pivots, and become a blessing to others. 

As Alvi puts it metaphorically, “Be a bamboo—the stronger and deeper you anchor your whole being to your goals and aspirations, the taller and stronger you’re going to grow.” 

Keep growing. Soon, like Alvi, you’ll be touching the sky.

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by Bea Francisco