Top 3 Foods With Folic Acid for Fertility

There are tons of foods available that are chocked full of folic acid. The problem is these foods may not be as ideal for fertility as others. There are some foods you can grab that are easy to find year-round, easy to incorporate into your diet, and easy to digest. Here are those foods, how to prepare them easily for your diet, and how you can incorporate them into meals you already love and enjoy.

Fortified Cereal

You may be wondering how cereal ended up on the list. The truth is there is a misconception that any whole wheat or grain cereal will do. It will not. What you are looking for is a cereal that is fortified with folic acid or folate. If cereal is fortified that means it will give you the grains, vitamins, nutrients, and folic you will need for your fertility diet. It is also a welcome addition to your breakfast or as a snack later in the day.


Spinach is one of the easiest folic acid-filled foods to find. You can incorporate it easily into salads or use it as a replacement for lettuce on sandwiches. If you are eating out, look for foods that have spinach or ask if spinach can replace your greens for a salad. Salad bars tend to have spinach as an option. You can get spinach as an addition to most sandwiches at chain sandwich stores as well. Other ways to get this in are by adding it to juices and smoothies or adding to soups like lentil soup. 

Citrus Fruits

Orange juice, grapefruit, whole oranges, clementines, and other citrus-based fruits are a great way to pack in folic acid for fertility diets. You can have these as juice, mixed in one large folic acid fortified juice, or you can have it as a snack throughout the day. The folic acid and vitamins found in all citrus fruits can boost healthy reproductive systems and can help sperm strength in males. 

More foods are more exotic and a bit harder to find year-round. When you feel like you are hitting a rut with the foods listed here, and you want to change it up a bit, seek out the more exotic options and change up your menu just a bit. Once you get some menu options down, you can use those options to make new menus and keep them revolving so you do not get bored. 

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