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Warning: Sugar Jeopardizes Your Immune System

Many people eat a lot more sugar than they should. With fast food and processed foods being so common nowadays, sugar has been added to almost everything to give it irresistible flavor. However, it comes with a lot of serious side effects.  What Is a Sugar Detox? In addition to the obvious weight gain, excessive […]

Foods You Need to Let Go to Lose Weight

Many people desire and need to lose weight, but not many know how to do it properly and effectively. The basic recommendation is to eat healthier and better and workout more. While these seem easy to imagine, the questions that come with them make them complicated. Questions like what workouts should you do? How much […]

A Quick and Easy Guide to a Sugar-Free Detox Diet

Not all detox diets are the same. Some involve drinking infused water or juice, while others focus on detoxing your skin or home. There are also detox diets that help you eliminate certain ingredients in your typical diet that may not be the healthiest option for you, like sugar. The following tips will help you […]

Stay Youthful With These Leveled up Water Recipes

One of the main culprits of premature aging is a build-up of toxins in our body. Doctors advise that the best way to flush these toxins is to drink plenty of water. But sometimes, drinking only water can get boring. So how can you boost the benefits of water and make it flavorful? Water detox […]

3 Yummy and Healthy Detox Soups to Try This Rainy Season

A food detox is not about starving yourself and drinking nothing but lemon and maple syrup water for a week straight. You can still eat, but you should reconsider what you eat and the ingredients in those foods. Soup is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, and can help you get lots of vitamins […]

Infused Detox Water: Water, Only Healthier!

Drinking infused water is an excellent way to detox your body since you are only using all-natural ingredients, like fresh produce and herbs. It is an excellent way to drink more water as well, which is another simple way to detox your system. Take a look at some of these different detox water recipes. Orange […]

3 Delightful Breakfast Bowls for a Detox Diet

Breakfast bowls are perfect when you are on detox so you can start living a healthier lifestyle. They contain many healthy nutrient-rich foods and superfoods and make it easy to have a well-balanced meal in the morning. Smoothie Bowls The first type of breakfast bowl you can make when you want to try a food […]

4 Easy and Simple Lemon-Infused Detox Recipes

For a long time, lemon has been known as one of the best food ingredients for detoxing your body. It helps cleanse your system, primarily your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder, not to mention helping to restart your entire body. Take a look at some of these delicious lemon-based detox recipes. Detox Salad With Lemon The […]

Simple Steps to Succeed in Food Detox

If you are planning to pursue a healthier body and lifestyle, you might want to begin with a simple food detox. This involves switching to all-natural, fresh foods that promote good health and do not contain any additives nor preservatives. Here are some incredibly simple and easy tips to keep in mind as you start […]

On a Detox Diet? Here’s a Helpful Shopping List for You!

If you have decided to go for a healthy lifestyle and now want to do a detox diet that revolves around having only healthy, whole, and fresh foods, this shopping list is for you! Fresh Produce First, you would always want to include fresh produce and herbs because these apply to almost every detox diet […]